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About FOSS

At Foss, we want to inspire the youth to make the best decisions possible, taking into consideration the impact they have on their community. Our program is here to equip young men and women who otherwise may not have another chance. FOSS believes that everybody deserves a chance.

FOSS Our Mission:
We want to bring the highest quality of training possible, to young men and women of various ages. We want the youth of the Coachella Valley to feel empowered, and prepared for what life has in their near future. All things are possible with the right preparation, and dedication. We want to develop our children to become the leaders of our next generation

We Believe

Youth do as we do… therefore, we are aware of our words, actions and body language as role models.

There are no bad kids (only bad choices)… therefore, we see the positive traits our youth possess.

Youth take actions consistent with the future they see for themselves… therefore, we provide experiences that expand their possibilities.

Caring adults make a difference in the lives of youth… therefore, we support mentors to create strong and solid relationships.

All youth can make a positive impact on their community… therefore, we provide opportunities for them to see the power of their actions.

Our kids broaden and enrich us more than we teach and enrich them… therefore, we see, encourage, and embrace the positive impact they make on their communities and us.

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