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FOSS - Work Experience

Music soothes the soul. We have integrated the music program so that any of our students, no matter the age, can have an outlet. We believe music is the best way to channel emotion, express feelings, and be productive all at the same time. Also, studies have shown that learning music helps with all other school subject.

We offer 4 major instruments to learn.

Piano: This is the corner stone of all music. We recommend learning piano before any other instrument. It is simple, in black and white, no grey area, no pun intended. Piano lessons are the best way to understand music theory, in a simple way. We have a structured curriculum, in which we learn both notes and chord style music. Every student will be able to read any style of music.

Drums: If you are not much of piano fan, drums are the second recommendation. You will learn time signature, how to keep a steady unwavering beat, and how to play with others. Drums are definitely fun! Parents, do not look at them as the"unconventional" instrument anymore, those days are long gone. Drums have become more versatile than ever, and many musicians will benefit from the lessons offered by drums. They are fun, require lots of energy and patience, if it was any other instrument it would be impossible to sit through that much work. Still, drums are so fun, you don't even feel it!

Guitar: Do you want to be the guy that plays the same song every time your at a family get together? Tired of that G, D, C progression? We are the place for you! FOSS Music teaches guitar in a different way. Every week you will learn a new finger exercise, scale, and chord progression. We believe in a good mixture of both. We still want you to be the life of the party, but we also want you to learn more than simple chords!

Bass: Last but not least, our favorite instrument the unsung hero, the bass guitar. Imagine a world with out bass. It could become true. There is a shortage of bass players in the world. I know what you're thinking, "I play guitar so that means I can play bass." WRONG, the bass is not an instrument like the previous 3, it is not about time and pitch as much as it is about feel. When is the last time you heard someone say, "I feel that treble."? Not ever.

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